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Let's Conciliate is a Chamber of Conciliation and Mediation focused on conflict resolution. It offers unique methods of prevention, evaluation and resolution of controversies. A fast, efficient, economical, specialized and secure way of Conflict Resolution through Conciliation and Mediation. Smart and innovative ways at your disposal.

Commitment to a quality, credibility and excellence of services and guaranteed by the integrity, experience, ethics, competence and professionalism of its Founders, Coordinators and Experts, technical knowledge in areas and business segments, as well as knowledge in prevention Management and resolution of conflicts.


Provide effective means to resolve conflicts adequately, manage and coordinate, with efficiency, autonomy, transparency, credibility and excellence, procedures for the execution of contracts, revenues and efficiencies, aiming at full justice, dissemination of consensus culture and contributing to foster economic growth.


PERSONAL: Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Seriousness, Discretion, Good Sense, Continuous Improvement, Aptitude, Fairness, Good Faith, and Efficiency.

ORGANIZATIONAL: Autonomy, Independence, Credibility, Excellence, Transparency, Competence, Suitability, Confidentiality, Commitment and Commitment.

SOCIAL: Pro Activity, Solidarity, Participation, Social Responsibility, Social Pacification and Cooperation.


To consolidate a culture of conciliation, contributing to a diffusion of the Adequate Methods of Conflict Resolution, being the most effective way for a long dreamed of Justice Plena: fast, safe and efficient. We believe in the possibility of agreement with mutual satisfaction, as well as our potential to assist as parties to achieve it, through the restoration of the efficient role, active listening, warmth and respect as a means of interaction between the parties. We seek to recognize reciprocal interests and needs in order to achieve consensual composition.

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